Monday, August 25, 2008

Jennifer Lopez among the stars who will attend the DNC

Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck to Attend Democratic National Convention

Republican John McCain is right about one thing: Barack Obama is a celebrity, and he's got the A-list posse to prove it.
Now that Obama has selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate, the duo should prepare for the adulation of millions of Americans at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, which kicks off August 25 in Denver.
This year's DNC will be a veritable Who's-Who of Hollywood elite, as scores of A-list celebs have publicly thrown their support behind Obama. Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron and Oprah Winfrey are among the stars who will attend the DNC, where Obama will officially accept his party's nomination.
In addition to headlining panel discussions, celebs are also preparing to party hearty. "The race is to find out where all the parties are," Simpsons star Harry Shearer recently told Variety. "You have a lot of people wondering, 'How do I get into the best parties?'"

Convention festivities kick off the evening of August 24, with an environmentally-themed concert, Green Sunday at Red Rocks featuring Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews. Pete Wentz's Fall Out Boy and NERD will headline the Rock the Vote event on August 25, while Kanye West will perform for Bono's ONE Campaign on August 27.
It's no secret that Obama has legions of supporters among Hollywood players. A few months ago, Oscar winner Tom Hanks recorded a video message expressing his support for Obama, and rocker Bruce Springsteen and director Michael Moore have also been vocal in their support for the Democratic senator. Oprah Winfrey will also make an appearance at the DNC. Said pal Gayle King, "She thinks this is his moment. She is planning to be there."



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