Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jennifer Lopez leaving Foxtail

Jennifer Lopez leaving Foxtail. Los Angeles, California - 02.08.08

For the second night in a row, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony spent the evening free of baby duties - leaving the twins with a sitter as they enjoyed a romantic dinner date in West Hollywood.

For their Saturday night meal, the always-stylish “El Cantante” co-star couple opted for the trendy Foxtail Restaurant & Lounge, walking hand-in-hand as they hit the exit and headed towards their awaiting Rolls-Royce.

Aside from spending time with her hubby, Lopez, 38, has also been training with celebrity fitness guru Gunnar Peterson as she readies to compete in a triathalon this fall.

“The workouts change daily, depending on the day, the time and the freedom,” Gunnar told press. “She’s going to get it done because she wants to.”

Offering praise for J Lo’s ability to balance such a busy schedule, Peterson adds: “She may be the most efficient multitasker I know. She literally has every aspect of her life in check. She doesn’t have a nanny, a chef or a nutritionist. She makes time for the kids. Family comes first.”



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